Monday, November 20, 2006

Defeating the "Human Shield" Defense

According to an article and reader feedback in the Jerusalem Post, there are several ways to defeat the "human shield" defense successfully used by Hamas in Gaza to protect rocket terrorists.

The first, and most costly in terms of Israeli lives is to use ground troops. Naturally, the Israeli politicians are choosing this method.

Better methods include:
1. Use non-lethal weapons. Google this to explore the huge array of options.
2. Announce 20 targets before the air-strike and let the "human shields" scatter to all of them.
3. Give no warnings. The terrorists will not know that an air strike is coming, so no human shields.
4. Spray the terrorists with liquified pork fat before destroying them. Pork-fatted martyrs don't get into Paradise. The liquid pork-fat strategem may be effective just by itself. (The Israelis could import the pork fat from Germany. They could also hire Germans to do the pork fat spraying.)


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