Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Friedman Misses the Point, Again

In a column entitled "Dubai and Dunces," Friedman calls us "ignorant, bogus, xenophobic, reckless" because Democrats and Republicans rejected the Dubai port deal.

The real dunce, of course is Friedman himself. He does not understand the obvious. We (Democrats and Republicans) do not worry about Dubai. We just wanted to give Bush a good kick in the butt and here was a chance.

That SOB has lied to us for five years. He, along with that ugly slack-mouthed monster, Cheney has repeatedly frightened us. They have told us how scary the Arabs are and now his stupid cronies sneaked this Arab deal past him and told us that we had to accept it.

Not only that, but the frat boy threatened Congress with a veto if they nixed the Dubai deal.

Well, that was the last straw. Congress told him exactly where to put that veto. Bush decided that he would have trouble sitting down if he followed their advice and instructed Karl Rove to call Dubai and tell them to withdraw the offer. No Congressional vote, no veto, no override.

A happy ending? Not at all. The whole sorry mess is bound to discourage foreign investors. But it was not our fault. It all goes back to Bush and his nonstop lies.


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