Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Could This Be A Way to Bring Peace to Iraq?

Question: What is the cause of the insurgency?

Answer: The Arab Sunnis (Saddam Hussein's compatriots) refuse to accept a partition of Iraq which leaves them with no oil. So they cause havoc to prevent what is clearly happening.

A solution would be to have the Shiite Arabs give up about one third of their oil to the Sunni Arabs in exchange for peace. Not likely. The Shiites hate the Sunnis with passion.

A better solution: The US offers the Sunnis $10 billion a year for the next 10 years and free services, similar to the Marshall plan. Sunnis can buy the oil they need and build up their infrastructure. If they restart the insurgency, the USDollars stop.

Cost to US is about one tenth of the cost of the war. Also no Americans killed or maimed.


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