Sunday, February 12, 2006

Laura Asks Hillary for Empathy

See article and photograph. Here is the first paragraph:

TURIN, Italy (AP) -- Laura Bush said Saturday that Hillary Rodham Clinton's criticism of her husband's administration was "out of bounds," arguing that the former first lady should show some empathy for the current White House occupants.

Laura found that Hillary had failed to show empathy when she had called the Bush administration "one of the worst" in history.

(Presumably Laura does not say anything in public without clearing it with George W. and Karl Rove.)

Empathy. What a change. No more sliming and eviscerating. Now, we are supposed to empathize.

It's a wonderful idea. Maybe Hillary should have said: "George, I really feel sorry for you and Laura, but you are really a very bad President." Yeah that would show a lot more "empathy."


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