Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why All the Fuss about Bush's Snooping?

Terrorists are surely much smarter than Bush, Gonzales and the rest of the Bush clowns.

If terrorists need to communicate securely, there are many ways to bypass the NSA snoops. One has been mentioned on the internet. They can open Yahoo mailboxes and not e-mail the messages but save them as drafts. Once a day, the sender’s partner opens the mailbox and reads the draft and posts another draft. No e-mail is sent and the communication takes place. To make the communication even less detectable, the communicators may use multiple mailboxes and code their messages.

Another obvious route is to post coded messages on blogs.

How does the NSA know who I am, who reads this post and what the post really means when it is decoded?

Terrorists can also use multiple blogs on different servers to further confuse the NSA.

They can also avoid setting up blogs. They can just use other people's blogs and post anonymous coded comments. Not even the NSA can track and decode all blog posts and comments. What if the messages are in Hungarian? Who, at the NSA can even translate them? What if they are both coded and in Hungarian? Or Pashtun or Tadjik?


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