Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why? Because She Failed to Use the Internet

What makes it utterly incomprehensible is that Howard Dean demonstrated in 2004 how to rise from small state obscurity to national prominence by using the internet and Hillary was totally blind.

She should have asked Dean to advise her, not Penn, not McAuliffe or even Bill. This trio really sank her campaign.

Personal note
During the 2004 election season, I contributed repeatedly to Democratic causes - all using the internet and my credit card. My name and e-mail address must appear on all or most Democratic party contributor lists from 2004.

Yet, in 2007-8, Hillary's campaign never contacted me for a contribution, on their own initiative.

I sought out her website and contributed $100, they became incessant. By then, it was too late. Hillary was hopelessly behind in fund-raising.


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