Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gerald Ford Was A Lousy President

I remember the Gerald Ford presidency. It sucked . . . big time.

All this BS that was spewed during the last few days about how wonderful Ford was is just a lot of . . . BS.

For an excellent review of Ford's failures see ' Hitchens article on the Slate website.

The majority of the American voting public was thoroughly disgusted with Ford. How else can one explain why a total non-entity like Jimmy Carter (a failed peanut farmer saved by Arab money) beat Ford in the 1976 election. Of course, we went from bad to worse. That's another story.

So, why did George Bush lionize Gerald Ford by declaring a national day of mourning? Because Bush anticipates that he might be forced to resign and that he might face criminal prosecution and he's softening the country up for his eventual Presidential pardon.


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