Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Newsflash: Friedman Beats Two Dead Horses

Friedman beats two dead horses today:

1. Friedman proves that Cheney is a bad guy. We know that. We have known that for five years. Some of us wear t-shirts that mock Cheney. (Google "Cheney t-shirt" for a sample.)

2. Friedman yammers again about the wonders a high gasoline tax would do. He "proves" his case by making an invalid comparison with Europe. Friedman totally overlooks the basic fact that the US does not have adequate public transportation and tens of millions of lower income people must drive to work every day. They simply cannot afford to pay more for gasoline. If taxes are to be used to reduce gasoline consumption fairly, what needs to be taxed is gas guzzling cars and large homes that waste fossil fuels for heating and cooling. He does not recommend that because that would affect him. What a hypocrite!


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