Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Cheney Shooting Incident

Some people are saying that now that Cheney has expressed his regrets, we should put this incident behind us. No, we should not, we should learn from it.

We obviously need tighter regulation of hunting.

Hunting is at least as dangerous as driving. Constant awareness of who is nearby is essential.

It is a fact that as people age, their ability to stay aware of their surrounding diminishes. This is what causes the increased incidence of collisions among elderly drivers. This and slowing down of reaction time and confusion.

In this instance, both shooter and victim demonstrated insufficient awareness of their surroundings. Also, Cheney was too focused on shooting the birds to perceive that his friend was in the line of fire.

Time for Cheney to put away his guns, for sure. Time also for geezers to be tested before their hunting licenses are renewed.


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