Sunday, December 18, 2005

The NYTimes Seems to Advise Bush Impeachment

Today's leading editorial concludes:

President Bush defended the program (allowing the NSA to spy on American citizens without obtaining a warrant) yesterday, saying it was saving lives, hotly insisting that he was working within the Constitution and the law, and denouncing The NYTimes for disclosing the program's existence. We don't know if he was right on the first count; this White House has cried wolf so many times on the urgency of national security threats that it has lost all credibility. But we have learned the hard way that Mr. Bush's team cannot be trusted to find the boundaries of the law, much less respect them.

Mr. Bush said he would not retract his secret directive or halt the illegal spying, so Congress should find a way to force him to do it. Perhaps Congressional leaders should . . . get the ball rolling.

See the editorial.


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